Maribel and Bekah

Moms. Founders. Friends.

Striving to be impact makers, world chargers and epic examples for our kids.

Today is a good day to do great things. We want to do great things with all of our moms in our community!

About MOMolution

Momolution was started in 2018 by two moms, Maribel Mendoza and Bekah Ware, to connect the ever-growing and influential community of moms across the country.  

We were fed up and frustrated with how difficult motherhood had become. You know, work, cook, clean, take care of kids, be a taxi, pay the bills and the nonstop, never ending hustle of it all.  We were spending countless hours searching sites , looking for the answers to our mom questions, all while feeling like Mom had become a bad word- a word that was looked down upon as unorganized, absent-minded, overwhelmed and unable to get stuff done at work, all the while still being responsible to get everything done at home.

We were tired of the antiquated way of thinking and knew we could build a better way, a way that didn’t look down on modern Moms and instead redefined what it meant to be a MOM.  

So we threw our supermom capes in the trash, stopped looking at those perfect people on social media and got to work.  

We created a solution and called it MOMolution.

Mission & Vision

Mission MOM

MOMolution is on a mission to change the definition of mom to defining it as a million opportunity movement (MOM).  Moms are the drivers for millions of opportunities – opportunities to be viewed differently, to be marketed to differently, to come together and form a supportive community together, and to help each other grow in each of our successes. 

Mission Ease

Some things in life should just be easy and we believe that finding resources, friendship and community should be one of them.  We have done the hard work for you. We personally talk to every partner before we share anything with our community. We are not a generic market place. We won’t ever share with you anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

We have a strict process to become a partner company. The process involves:

  • Personal conversation with a team member where we make sure their mission and vision aligns with ours.
  • Verifying that they are committed to providing educational resources and not just a plug for their products.
  • Completion of a thorough application where we dig deeper to make sure their offering is a match for our community needs.

Vision- One Place + One Community + One Solution= MOMolution

We want to be THE place for moms- where they can connect, share, and grow together in a supportive community. Our online platform allows for candid and real conversations on all aspects of motherhood, career, family, and life.  We share information that is vital to our community, partner with companies that align with our vision to help along the motherhood journey, and provide resources to companies looking to better support their employees.

Vision- Deep & Authentic Relationships

Our in-person events allow our members to connect at a deeper level around topics driven by community feedback. Forging strong, authentic connection is the heart of what we do.

Meet Maribel

Maribel is a proud Latina, STEAM Advocate, wife, and mom to two energetic and fun-loving girls and a sweet pup named Cheerio.

She loves to read (although she only has time for audiobooks lately) and enjoys trying out new recipes in her cooking adventures.  She’s a nerd at heart and loves most things tech related and some great math humor.

Maribel really enjoys working on solving complex business problems, and creating meaningful communities.  Her background is in engineering, with a degree from MIT, and an MBA from SMU.

Maribel has worked across the full product lifecycle and loves turning  ideas to products, and taking products and turning them to into growing and thriving businesses.   She’s worked across industries in manufacturing environments, EdTech, Medical Devices, and HR Tech and she’s excited to bring her experiences to MOMolution to help other moms on their motherhood and MOM-Powered Business journeys.

Maribel is also Operating Partner at Msaada Partners Consulting, a social impact consulting firm located in Boston and focused on change through empowering entrepreneurs.  She’s also the co-founder of Impact Education, and Ed Tech company focused on making STEAM Education affordable.

Meet Bekah

Bekah is a wife and mom to three crazy, energetic kids, and one adorable German Shepherd named Sequoia. Bekah loves coffee, refinishing furniture, reading and silence. An avid runner, Bekah enjoys running for fun and to support non-profit organizations, having completed the Disney Dopey Challenge (48.6 miles) in support of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. 

Bekah, always in a hurry and wanting things done yesterday, completed high school in 3 years and then went on to complete her under grad from SUNY Potsdam in 3 years. Bekah is also the Owner/Founder of Ware Marketing and Design LLC a marketing/business strategy and web development agency and one of the founders of a DIY WordPress class for small businesses, startups and service providers.

If you want to reach Bekah, you can find her running somewhere or hiding from her children, drinking coffee and basking in the silence.