Mompreneurs are on a mission to make change, grow a business all the while being a mom. We take great pride and tackle entrepreneurship with determination in an effort to show our kids that you can do and be anything. If you work hard and rally those around you, you can make an impact that goes far beyond your wildest dreams.

Sandra is a mom of two grown children, mompreneur and founder of Boostwr, sleepwear with support that is comfortable and attractive. They are on a mission to Support Women Who Need Support. We had the privilege to chat with Sandra and learn more about her and Boostwr.

Boostwr was an idea that started when Sandra was just 14 and experienced a fast change in her body, going from an A to a DD. This was difficult and not an enjoyable time for a young teen. With this dramatic change came a whole host of physical and emotional challenges as well. As time went on the struggle didn’t end and it was nearly impossible to find attractive sleepwear that fit on the top and the bottom.

Sandra began researching and very quickly came to realize that she was not the only person that was plagued by this problem. Today the average bra size is 34DD and due to a variety of factors, girls are developing much faster today and dealing with the constant influx of their breasts. This ignited a passion to make something that is pretty, functional and can take a person from sleeping to lounging with CONFIDENCE. Fifteen prototypes later, Boostwr became a reality.

In talking with Sandra, one thing is for sure, this isn’t just about a piece of clothing, it is about the physical and emotional struggle women go through when they are blessed with a bust. Every aspect of them matters and this can be seen in the care and quality of their product, from stitching to having it designed by an incredible team of women to producing it right here in the US!

We had the opportunity to hear from Sandra talk about how being a mom has impacted her business. Being a mom means that she has to wear multiple hats every day. She is constantly encouraging her kids to go after their dreams and because of that, she is inspired to continue after her own. Motherhood has also been a great asset in keeping her tasks organized because time is our most valuable commodity.

If there is one thing she could model for her kids and other kids around her is that nothing happens overnight, but hard work pays off. Never give up on yourself, it’s never too late to go after what you want.

We were completely inspired after talking with such an incredible and passionate individual. If you have a moment to check out Boostwr, we highly recommend you do.

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