This year we vow to make NO RESOLUTIONS with 10 simple resources to keep us on the path to success.

We are throwing unrealistic resolutions in the trash and starting fresh with these must have resources.

2019 is here whether we are ready or not. As we are all suffering from guilt, tight jeans, day confusion and sheer exhaustion from this holiday season, the drive to do better this upcoming year is rearing its ugly head. All those resolutions we set for 2018 and their failures coming to mind. This year is going to be our year! Let the never ending and unachievable list making commence. We vow to get in shape, spend more me time, give back, declutter our lives, not spend on frivolous things, spend more time with people, waste less, earn more, read more, and so many more things.

Here we are 4 days from a new year and we have already set ourselves up for failure. According to Business Insider, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February.

That raises the question…

Why do so many of our resolutions fail?

 Psychology Today has the answer, telling us that resolutions ultimately do not work because “your goals are not clear”, “you feel overwhelmed”, “you feel discouraged”, and “you are not ready for change”.

This year vow to make NO RESOLUTIONS. (gasp) Yeah, you heard me. This year we are throwing those mile long lists, unattainable items and unrealistic resolutions in the trash. This year we are setting GOALS. Real, attainable, reasonable goals and here are 9 ways to achieve each one.

Set small goals to start. Goal number one is to only fill your list with small, attainable goals. If your over all goal is to drop 50 pounds, start with 5 pounds first. Then throw yourself a party when you hit that first goal! You might just want to celebrate with Nasty Women Wines. A wine designed to celebrate women while energizing people for a cause.

Support. We are often ready and willing to help others but reluctant to accept help ourselves. This year use all the support tools you can. We recommend Success Bully, an elite accountability practice for visionaries who need strategic support (a professional butt-kicking) to create momentum in their personal and professional lives, might just be your answer.

Community. Surround yourselves with a community that will motivate you to continue on your goals. MOMolution an online and in-person community and resources created by moms for moms might just be the place for you. If you are a mom, mother in law, mom in love, fur mom, mom to be, grandmother or just really like moms, this is the community for you. MOMolution is on a mission to be a moms’ biggest fan, loudest advocate and most trusted resource.

Vina might be the perfect place for you to find new friends. As we look over the year, we may note a need for new friends. Vina is tinder only for girl friends.

Vibely is a way to meet IRL. From faceless to friends. Vibely is a way to use your phone to meet up with your virtual friends anywhere you go.

Organization. If you can’t find your goals, you might have trouble completing them. #justsayin Stay on top of your organizational game and the rest of your life with this epic personal assistant app. 24me is the ultimate personal assistant and perfect for everyone and anyone.

But if you prefer a good physical planner this epic tool from Ask Yvi might just be the thing for you. It is not just a planner but an asset to any thing you might want to accomplish daily, monthly or over a year.

Believe in yourself. You can do this. You really can. If you have any doubts go ask your mom, closest friend, spouse or child. We promise you are about as close to a real life superhero as any one can get. If you have any further doubts check out Omfinite designed to empower and remind you of your intentions this year!

Keep Moving. This year instead of making the resolution to “get in shape” simply set the goal to keep moving. Here are a few simply ways to keep you moving. is unleashing the best in female athletes and helping women to train how women should. A coaching program geared towards women!

The Female Fitness Academy is the place for all women from before you have children right through menopause.

Run with out fear with The Pride. The Pride offers users a way to quickly notify their friends/family members when they are in danger, and where they are.

Excy, is a great fit for anyone who wants convenient access to quality cardio and strength training where they live, work, and play.

Behind any good fitness routine is an excellent athletic brand and this year we are obsessed with Reprise Activewear. Fashionable workout gear that is good for the environment and your health. What could be better?

Maybe a bra that does not fill us with a sense of dread at the thought of taking it on and off. Bloom Bras is revolutionizing the sports bra for those of us blessed with bloom. Their lift not squish technology is sheer brilliance and we are excited to add this to our tool box this new year!

We know that we already covered MOMolution in an epic community BUT it also is releasing a fitness program….just for its members. Say what!? You know we are excited.

Fuel your body. We are learning more and more about the effects of food on our body each day. We also know what a pain it is to figure out what to cook each day. Ends and Stems solves that problem AND helps reduce food waste. Say what!? If that wasn’t good enough they even have a food waste challenge we all can participate in!

Fuel your brain. It is never to late to learn new things. Use Teach Me Now to master a new language this year!

Give back. There are endless causes to give back to each year and each one so worthy of our time and money. Make it easy this year with online platform makes in-kind donations easy by proving an online platform to nonprofits to list their tangible needs that you can buy online!

Then there is The Robe Lives. Every robe purchased, supplies a young woman living in Africa’s largest informal settlement with a menstrual cup and enrolls them into a sexual education and reproductive health program.

More me time. This can possibly be the most difficult for any of us to incorporate into our day. This year put yourself first, even if it is just for a moment. Here are a few brands to help you add a little bit of “me time” to each day.

Y’OUR SKIN is a custom skincare regimen just for your skin .It’s time to take the guesswork out of skincare. At Y’OUR, we know each skin type is unique. That’s why we have a different approach. You tell us about your skin and we will formulate the best custom regimen for your specific needs.

GYLD Wouldn’t it be great to experience the best of what a place has to offer — with someone who lives there? That’s the simple question we asked ourselves when we created GLYD. Others may choose to visit new places, seeing only what’s at the surface — but not us. We embrace new cultures while looking to immerse ourselves in something special. That’s just our thing.

This year you are ready to reach things you never have before and crush every obstacle in your path because you have all the tools you need.

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