We all want a business that has the happiest workers, the most productivity, high pay, and great benefits all while bringing in the most profit. While this is ideal, real-world business don’t always operate this way. Profits can dip, employees become disengaged, and productivity starts to lag. As business owners and employers, this is when take action to figure out how to improve our company.

Let’s start with the employee, after all they are the building blocks of our companies. With the recent growth of social media ads of remote workers sitting on beaches sipping cocktails all while working, it creates the dream for employees but can create a nightmare for employers.

Anyone who has worked remotely knows that this perception of a work day at the beach is inaccurate-and in fact, the opposite is often true. A recent study showed that people who work remotely have an average of an additional 8 hours of productivity per week versus someone who doesn’t.

Imagine this: your employee walks into the office. They stop by the coffee machine and chat with the others about the events of the night before. John’s son won his soccer match. Sharon’s mom is in town visiting… and now we’re 30 minutes into the work day and not much actual work has been accomplished. Or none of that happened because there was more traffic than usual and everyone is 60 minutes late. Fast forward to 4:30pm. Work is being wrapped up and everyone is clicking refresh on their emails while slowly slipping their jackets on, hoping to miss any bit of traffic they can. Combine that with a commute to lunch and we see the crux of every employer’s struggle; productivity and how to motivate employees. We want full engagement and an employees best work time, but how do we get it?

The solution is simple. Hire remote employees.

Hiring remote employees not only produces more productivity and happiness for employees, it also saves on overhead costs. More businesses are switching to a remote working model saving countless dollars on real estate, taxes and so much more. Imagine running your business without the increasing costly expense of the building. Not to mention that remote employees consider the ability to work remotely an important part of their benefits package!

It is estimated that 50% of the population will be working remotely in some capacity by 2020 according to Business Insider. More and more companies are now able to – and want to – provide flexibility to keep their top employees, or find talent beyond their geographical area. Talk to anyone who has worked remotely or any company that has employed remote workers and they will say the same thing- with a culture of trust at the core, they work hard and they make sure to deliver quality work,

We want to bring this opportunity and flexibility to more people across the country with MOMolution! MOMolution is working to change the way we work and the way businesses hire by crushing the work from home myth, one opportunity at a time. MOMolution is the remote/flexible seekers and employers biggest fan, loudest advocate, and trusted resource.

Will you be part of hiring the estimated 50% of the working population working remotely by 2020?

For more information on how to hire remote employees or become a remote workforce contact [email protected] or visit us at www.momolution.com .


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